On 6.4.2017 12:46, Jiří Stránský wrote:
On 4.4.2017 22:01, Emilien Macchi wrote:
After our weekly meeting of today, I found useful to share and discuss
our roadmap for Container CI jobs in TripleO.
They are ordered by priority from the highest to lowest:

1. Swap ovb-nonha job with ovb-containers, enable introspection on the
container job and shuffle other coverage (e.g ssl) to other jobs
(HA?). It will help us to get coverage for ovb-containers scenario
again, without consuming more rh1 resources and keep existing
2. Get multinode coverage of deployments - this should integrate with
the scenarios we already have defined for non-container deployment.
This is super important to cover all overcloud services, like we did
with classic deployments. It should be non voting to start and then
voting once it works. We should find a way to keep the same templates
as we have now, and just include the docker environment. In other
words, find a way to keep using:
so we don't duplicate scenario environments.
3. Implement container upgrade job, which for Pike will be deploy a
baremetal overcloud, then migrate on upgrade to containers. Use
multinode jobs for this task. Start with a non-voting job and move to
the gate once it work. I also suggest to use scenarios framework, so
we keep good coverage.

The first iteration of this job is ready to be reviewed and landed.
Please see the patches here [1].

The latest job execution didn't go all the way to success yet, it failed
during Ansible upgrade steps execution [2], but i think the patches are
now far enough that they would be good to merge anyway, and issues can
be ironed out subsequently, as well as making the job actually
Ocata->master rather than master->master (currently just switching from
non-containers to containers).

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:container-upgrade

Sorry the [2] link was incorrect, this is the right one:


4. After we implement the workflow for minor updates, have a job with
tests container-to-container updates for minor (rolling) updates, this
ideally should add some coverage to ensure no downtime of APIs and
possibly checks for service restarts (ref recent bugs about bouncing
services on minor updates)
5. Once Pike is released and Queens starts, let's work on container to
containers upgrade job.

Any feedback or question is highly welcome,

Note: The proposal comes from shardy's notes on
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tripleo-container-ci - feel free to
contribute to the etherpad or mailing list.


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