I manage to deploy Ocata on Ubuntu 16.04 with OVN for the first time ever,

 It looks very, very good... OVN L3 Router is working, OVN DHCP working...
bridge mappings "br-ex" on each compute node... All good!

 Then, I've said: time for DPDK!

 I manage to use OVS with DPDK easily on top of Ubuntu (plus Ocata Cloud
Archive) with plain KVM, no OpenStack, so, I have experience about how to
setup DPDK, OVS+DPDK, Libvirt vhostuser, KVM and etc...

 After configuring DPDK on a compute node, I tried the following

 It looks quite simple!

 To make things even simpler, I have just 1 controller, and 1 compute node,
to begin with, before enabling DPDK at the compute node and changing the
"br-int" datapath, I deleted all OVN Routers and all Neutron Networks and
Subnets, that was previously working with regular OVS (no DPDK).

 Then, after enabling DPDK and updating the "br-int" and the "br-ex"
interfaces, right after connecting the "OVN L3 Router" into the "ext-net /
br-ex" network, the following errors appeared on OpenvSwitch logs of the
related compute node (OpenFlow error):

 * After connecting OVN L3 Router against the "ext-net / br-ex" Flat / VLAN



 Also, after connecting the OVN L3 Router into the local (GENEVE) network,
very similar error messages appeared on OpenvSwitch logs...

 * After connecting OVN L3 Router on a "local" GENEVE Network:



 * Output of "ovs-vsctl show" at the single compute node, after plugging
the OVN L3 Router against the two networks (external / GENEVE):

 Then, I tried to launch an Instance anyway and, for my surprise, the
Instance was created! Using vhostuser OVS+DPDK socket!

 Also, the Instance got its IP! Which is great!

 However, the Instance can not ping its OVN L3 Router (its default
gateway), with or without any kind of security groups applied, no deal...

 BTW, the Instance did not received the ARP stuff of the OVN L3 Router, I
mean, for the instance, the gateway IP on "arp -an" shows "<incomplete>".

 * The ovs-vswitchd.log after launching an Instance on top of OVN/OVS+DPDK:

 * The output of "ovs-vsctl show" after launching the above instance: - Line 33 is the dpdkvhostuser

 Just to give another try, I started a second Instance, to see if the
Instances can ping each other... Also did not worked, the Instances can not
ping each other.

 So, from what I'm seeing, OVN on top of DPDK does not work.

 Any tips?


 I tried to enable "hugepages" on my OpenStack's flavor, just in case...
Then, I found another bug, it doesn't even boot the Instance:

 For now, I'll deploy Ocata with regular OVN, no DPDK, but, my goal with
this cloud is for high performance networks, so, I need DPDK, and I also
need GENEVE and Provider Networks, everything on top of DPDK.

 After researching more about this "high perf networks", I found this:

 * DPDK-like performance in Linux kernel with XDP !

 But I have no idea about how to use OpenvSwitch with this thing, however,
if I can achieve DPDK-Like performance, without DPDK, using just plain
Linux, I'm a 100% sure that I'll prefer it!

 I'm okay to give OpenvSwitch + DPDK another try, even knowing that it
[OVS] STILL have serious problems (

 OpenStack on Ubuntu rocks!   :-D

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