In TripleO UI project users requested translation of the web UI. But
some web UI strings are displayed from heat template files in tripleo-
heat-templates project.

  In order to get translated templates displayed in tripleo-ui, we
propose another solution as follows, which needs to change code in
tripleo-heat-templates and tripleo-ui projects.

  I18n proposal for Heat templates 'description' help strings

  1. Update tripleo-heat-templates to generate the javascript files to
include all translation strings, like "tripleo-heat-templates.js"

     a. Need to write python script to extract "title" and
"description" field from yaml files and generate "tripleo-heat-
templates.js" for react-intl usage in tripleo-ui

     b. Use default message as message id or consider nodejs-i18n for

  2. Update tripleo-ui to use "tripleo-heat-templates.js"

     a. Write some script to sync "tripleo-heat-templates.js" from

     b. Call formatMessage function for "title" and "description" field
with message id (use default message) and default message or consider
nodejs-i18n for tripleo-ui

  Refer URL for message id: https://github.com/yahoo/react-intl/issues/

  Please evaluate it, thanks!


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