On 4/15/2017 6:17 AM, Sean Dague wrote:

For clarification, part of the reason that this only shows in progress
things is because of instance_actions. It was assumed that if people
wanted to know what happened in the past, they'd use that mechanism
instead, this was only about live things.

That might be a faulty assumption, it might be there there is missing
information in instance actions, or that the policy access isn't right
for a set of users. But it would be good to be explicit about what's
wrong with instance actions for the original assumption (that past
events should only be exposed there) to not be true. Or if there should
be more of a concerned push to polish the instance_actions API.


Instance actions don't show the details that the migrations response has, like the source and target compute hosts for the migration. I don't think we want to shoehorn that into the instance actions API or model.




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