Dear OpenStackerz,

I'd like to improve the coverage of the current test suite over some special code parts in Nova. My main target is to add a few scenarios [1] that would exercise the AggregateMultiTenancyIsolation scheduler filter. I'm also planning on adding new test cases for other filters and for some libvirt related features [2] as well.

Unfortunately, [1] and [2] could not be merged into Tempest for various reasons, hence I started working on functional tests in Nova. However, since functional tests cannot be used to verify that a deployed system behaves correctly, we still need end to end tests. Therefore, I'm proposing a new Tempest test plug-in [3,4] that would be the home of currently out of tree tests. The idea is that these tests would run separately on a weekly basis to not use too much resources, but the rest of the questions are still open.

Therefore, I'd appreciate any advice or review on this topic.

Thank You all in advance.

Best regards,
Ferenc Horváth


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