Hi all,

I proposes a change of Zun's core team memberships as below:

+ Feng Shengqin (feng-shengqin)
- Wang Feilong (flwang)

Feng Shengqin has contributed a lot to the Zun projects. Her contribution 
includes BPs, bug fixes, and reviews. In particular, she completed an essential 
BP and had a lot of accepted commits in Zun's repositories. I think she is 
qualified for the core reviewer position. I would like to thank Wang Feilong 
for his interest to join the team when the project was found. I believe we are 
always friends regardless of his core membership.

By convention, we require a minimum of 4 +1 votes from Zun core reviewers 
within a 1 week voting window (consider this proposal as a +1 vote from me). A 
vote of -1 is a veto. If we cannot get enough votes or there is a veto vote 
prior to the end of the voting window, this proposal is rejected.

Best regards,
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