The unit test for the network/v2/fakes.py for the port creates empty 
dictionaries e.g. for allowed_address_pairs:
         port_attrs = {
             'admin_state_up': True,
            'allowed_address_pairs': [{}],
             'binding:host_id': 'binding-host-id-' + uuid.uuid4().hex,
             'binding:profile': {},

In practice this value is actually “none” if someone (or nova for that matter) 
creates the port without specifying anything.

This allowed for at least one bug I hit, which will traceback with 'NoneType' 
object is not iterable:

I wonder how the unit tests should be modified to actually catch these things?
I can modify fakes.py to exclude the 'allowed_address_pairs': [{}]
However these issues might be in more places so it might require a more generic 

What is the opinion on this?

Note that:
- I did not test against trunk neutron so maybe trunk behavior is different in 
always returning an empty dict ?
- neutron cli used to work without this issue

Robert van Leeuwen

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