On 05/15/2017 07:16 AM, Sean Dague wrote:
> We had a forum session in Boston on Postgresql and out of that agreed to
> the following steps forward:
> 1. explicitly warn in operator facing documentation that Postgresql is
> less supported than MySQL. This was deemed better than just removing
> documentation, because when people see Postgresql files in tree they'll
> make assumptions (at least one set of operators did).
> 2. Suse is in process of investigating migration from PG to Gallera for
> future versions of their OpenStack product. They'll make their findings
> and tooling open to help determine how burdensome this kind of
> transition would be for folks.
> After those findings, we can come back with any next steps (or just
> leave it as good enough there).
> The TC governance patch is updated here -
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/427880/ - or if there are other
> discussion questions feel free to respond to this thread.

In the interest of building summaries of progress, as there has been a
bunch of lively discussion on #openstack-dev today, there is a new
revision out there - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/427880/.

Some of the concerns/feedback has been "please describe things that are
harder by this being an abstraction", so examples are provided.

A statement around support was also put in there, because support only
meant QA jobs, or only developers for some folks. I think it's important
to ensure we paint the whole picture with how people get support in an
Open Source project.

There seems to be general agreement that we need to be more honest with
users, and that we've effectively been lying to them.

I feel like the current sticking points come down to whether:

* it's important that the operator community largely is already in one
camp or not
* future items listed that are harder are important enough to justify a
strict trade off here
* it's ok to have the proposal have a firm lean in tone, even though
it's set of concrete actions are pretty reversible and don't commit to
future removal of postgresql

Also, as I stated on IRC, if some set of individuals came through and
solved all the future problems on the list for us as a community, my
care on how many DBs supported would drastically decrease. Because its
the fact that it's costing us solving real problems that we want to
solve (by making them too complex for anyone to take on), is my key
concern. For folks asking the question about what they could do to make
pg a first class citizen, that's a pretty good starting point.


Sean Dague

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