A quick summary of what happened in the writing applications for the
VM and Baremetal forum session. The etherpad is available here:

We had a good number of API users and API developers talking together
about the issues facing API users. It would be nice to have involved a
more diverse set of API users, but we have a reasonable starting

There was general agreement on the need for API keys for applications
to access OpenStack APIs rather than forcing the user of passwords,
etc Plan A was to have a voting excercise on the most important
problems facing writing applications for the VM and Baremetal
platform. This was abandoned because there was a clear winer in
Keystone API keys. For example, LDAP passwords give you access to more
things than OpenStack, so you probably don't want to hand those out.
Currently service configuration files have lots of service user
passwords in them, API keys for each node feels a much better
solution, etc, etc.

Saddly the people previously working on this feature are no longer
working on OpenStack. Lance has been asking for help in this email
thread, where the conversation is now continuing:

We agreed a clear next step, once API keys are implemented, was
working out how to limit the access that is granted to a particular
API key. Discussion around this was defferred to the forum session
called "Cloud-Aware Application support", more details here:

Many thanks,

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