I am in favor of class level exceptions for the obvious reasons:

+ It reduces code duplication. Copy/pasting a SkipIf decorator on every test
  method in the class is tedious and possibly error prone. Adding the exception
  as a guard in the setUpClass() makes for a more elegant solution

+ function level skips will waste unnecessary time in the setup/teardown
  methods. If I know I'm skipping all the tests in a class, why should I bother
  executing all the boilerplate preliminary actions? In the context of heavy
  use, like the CI gate, this can accumulate and be a pain.

+ Using function level skips requires importing an extra module (from testtools
  import SkipIf) that would be otherwise unnecessary.

If the output of the class level skipException needs to be improved, maybe there
should be a patch there to list all the methods skipped.

If proper fixtures are meant to replace setUpClass in the future (something I
would really love to see in Tempest), we still need to take into account that
setUpClass might do more than just fixtures, and certain guards are expected to
be found in there.

What do you guys think?

Joe H. Rahme

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