On 16/06/17 05:09, Kaz Shinohara wrote:
I still takes `deferred _auth_method=password` behalf of trusts because we don't enable trusts in the Keystone side due to some internal reason.

Free advice: whatever reason you have for not enabling trusts, storing user passwords in the Heat database is 100x worse.

The issues what you pointed are correct(e.g. user_domain_id), we don't use the domain well and also added some patches to skip those issues.

Why aren't those upstream?

But I guess that the majority of heat users already moved to trusts and it is obviously better solution in terms of security and granular role control. As the edge case(perhaps), if a user want to take password auth, it would be too tricky for them to introduce it, therefore I agree your 2nd option.

If we will remove the `deferred_auth_method=password` from heat.conf, should we keep `deferred_auth_method` self or will replace it to a new config option just to specify the trusts enable/disable ? Do you have any idea on this? Also I'm thinking that `reauthentication_method` also might be changed/merged ?

Kaz Shinohara

2017-06-16 14:11 GMT+09:00 Rabi Mishra <ramis...@redhat.com <mailto:ramis...@redhat.com>>:


    I'm not sure whether this works with keystone v2 and anyone is using
    it or not. Keeping in mind that heat-cli is deprecated and keystone
    v3 is now the default, we've 2 options

    1. Continue to support 'deferred_auth_method=passsword' option and
    fix all the above issues.

    2. Remove/deprecate the option in pike itlsef.

    I would prefer option 2, but probably I miss some history and use
    cases for it.

Am I right in thinking that any user (i.e. not just the [heat] service user) can create a trust? I still see occasional requests about 'standalone mode' for clouds that don't have Heat available to users (which I suspect is broken, otherwise people wouldn't be asking), and I'm guessing that standalone mode has heretofore required deferred_auth_method=password.

So if we're going to remove the option then we should probably either officially disown standalone mode or rewrite the instructions such that it can be used with the trusts method.


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