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Since Mitaka release, a default service plugins list is loaded when Neutron
server starts [1]. That list is not editable and was extended with few services
[2]. But all of them rely on the Neutron DB model.

If a core driver is not based on the ML2 core plugin framework or not based on
the 'neutron.db.models_v2' class, all that service plugins will not work.

So my first question is Does Neutron still support core plugin not based on ML2
or 'neutron.db.models_v2' class?

If yes, I would like to propose two solutions:
- permits core plugin to overload the service plugin class by it's own
implementation and continuing to use the actual Neutron db based services as
- modifying all default plugin service to use service plugin driver
framework [3], and set the actual Neutron db based implementation as
default driver for services. That permits to core drivers not based on the
Neutron DB to specify a driver. We can see that solution was adopted in the
networking-bgpvpn project, where can find two abstract driver classes, one for
core driver based on Neutron DB model [4] and one used by core driver not based
on the DB [5] as the Contrail driver [6].



On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 10:47 AM, Édouard Thuleau
<edouard.thul...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Since Mitaka release [1], a default service plugins list is loaded
> when Neutron server starts. That list is not editable and was extended
> with few services [2]. But none of th
> [1] 
> https://github.com/openstack/neutron/commit/aadf2f30f84dff3d85f380a7ff4e16dbbb0c6bb0#diff-9169a6595980d19b2649d5bedfff05ce
> [2] 
> https://github.com/openstack/neutron/blob/master/neutron/plugins/common/constants.py#L43

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