On Thu, 2013-12-05 at 11:35 +0200, Roman Prykhodchenko wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Open Stack community grows continuously bringing more people and so new
> initiatives and new projects. This growing amount of people, initiatives
> and projects causes increasing the amount of discussions in our mailing
> list.
> The problem which I'm talking about is that controlling the mailing list
> gets harder with the growth of the community. It takes too much time to
> check for important emails and delete/archive the rest even now. And it
> does not tend to get any easier in the future.
> Most of the email services and email clients support filtering incoming
> emails. So one can automatically get rid of certain emails by creating
> appropriate filters. Topics in subjects seem to be the best objects for
> creating rules, i.e., when someone is interested only in Keystone he can
> create an email filter for '[keystone]' substring in the subject.
> The problem with the topics is that a lot of emails in openstack-dev do
> not contain topics in their subjects, which makes this kind of filtering
> very ineffective.
> My proposal is to create an automated rule that rejects new emails, if
> they do not contain any topic in their subject. What do you guys think?

Alternatively, separate mailing lists for each current topic area. A
top-level mailing list could subscribe to all of them for anybody who
truly wants the fire hose.


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