A few weeks later than I had planned, but here's the other half of the field feedback I mentioned in my previous email:

* They very emphatically want in-place upgrades to work when moving from non-containerized to containerized. I think this is already the plan, but I told them I'd make sure development was aware of the desire.

* There was also great interest in contributing back some of the custom templates that they've had to write to get advanced features working in the field. Here again we recommended that they start with an RFE so things could be triaged appropriately. I'm hoping we can find some developer time to help polish and shepherd these things through the review process.

* Policy configuration was discussed, and I pointed them at some recent work we have done around that: https://docs.openstack.org/developer/tripleo-docs/advanced_deployment/api_policies.html I'm not sure it fully addressed their issues, but I suggested they take a closer look and provide feedback on any ways it doesn't meet their needs.

The specific use case they were looking at right now was adding a read-only role. They did provide me with a repo containing their initial work, but unfortunately it's private to Red Hat so I can't share it here.

* They wanted to be able to maintain separate role files instead of one monolithic roles_data.yaml. Apparently they have a pre-deploy script now that essentially concatenates some individual files to get this functionality. I think this has already been addressed by https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445687

* They've also been looking at ways to reorganize the templates in a more intuitive fashion. At first glance the changes seemed reasonable, but they were still just defining the layout. I don't know that they've actually tried to use the reorganized templates yet and given the number of relative paths in tht I suspect it may be a bigger headache than they expect, but I thought it was interesting. There may at least be elements of this work that we can use to make the templates easier to understand for deployers.



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