Hey everyone,

I would like to submit my name for release management PTL for the Queens

I've just recently been added to the core team, but I've been around for
a few cycles interacting with the release management team. So I've been
able to see the great work that they've done up to this point in scripting
much of the process. Their work has been amazing in reducing the amount
of manual steps that need to be taken, and I've been very impressed by the
discipline they've had of actually writing down how all of this works.

With all of that history, I'm confident that I can quickly get up to
speed and hopefully continue to contribute to leading the release manager
activites. Thierry, Doug, and others will also still be around and have
that history, knowledge, and willingness to help that will greatly help.

Personally, I would love to devote more time to some of these cross-project
activities that are absolutely essential to keep things moving smoothly.
I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I can now do that.

My plan for the cycle would not be anything really that exciting. I think
just continuing with the great work that has been done already and looking
for any other areas where we can automate and make the release team a
resource for other projects to go to when they need it. I would also do
whatever I can to encourage and educate others to also participate in this
important, but most behind the scenes, activity.

Thanks for your consideration.

Sean McGinnis (smcginnis)

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