We realized recently that we haven't publicized some of the tools
in the releases repository very well. One tool that will be useful
this week as you prepare your release candidates is the 'new-release'
command, which edits a deliverable file to add a new release from
HEAD of the given branch, automatically computing the next verison
number based on the inputs.

Use the ``venv`` tox environment to run the tool, like this:

   $ tox -e venv -- new-release SERIES DELIVERABLE TYPE

The SERIES value should be the release series, such as "pike".

The DELIVERABLE value should be the deliverable name, such as
"oslo.config" or "cinder".

The TYPE value should be one of "bugfix", "feature", "major",
"milestone", or "rc".

If the most recent release of cinder during the pike series is then running:

   $ tox -e venv -- new-release pike cinder rc

detects that this is the first release candidate and updates the
file deliverables/pike/cinder.yaml with the new release
and instructions to create a new stable branch at that tag.

There are some more details in the README.rst file in the releases
repository, and as usual you'll find us in #openstack-release if you
have questions.


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