Hi everyone,

This is my self-nomination to continue running as Takcer PTL for the 
Queens cycle.

In Pike cycle, tacker team is focusing on stablebility and scaling. We 
haveintrotroduced Barbican to keep VIM credentials and Mistral to do 
VIMmonitoring and policies. These are great steps to let Tacker to be stableand 
scalable. In addition, the team has been active in promoting tacker.We have 
joined OPNFV meeting, OpenStack days China and OpenStackdesign summit in 
Boston.  There are some topic sessions which areproposed to Syndey Summit by 

In Queen cycle, I plan to

- Continue to stablize tacker and make it of production quality.
- Complete tacker document.- Provide kolla way to install tacker. I think 
tacker will be installed in kolla which put  tacker in containers. The 
container way will make tacker easier to use,  help many guys to use tacker in 
short way, compared to devstack installation.
- introduce more kinds of VIMs- Promote tacker into other community.

Lets make tacker roll together.
Thanks for your consideration.



yong sheng gong
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