Bhor, Dinesh wrote:
> I would like to ask for the FFE for adding "*python-masakariclient*" in
> global-requirements.
> Earlier, we were not having "check-requirements" job for masakari-*
> projects. At that time, we use to manually add "*python-masakariclient*"
> as a requirement in *masakari-monitors* project [1].
> Now we have added "*check-requirements*" job for masakari-* projects,
> but we missed to add "python-masakariclient" in global-requirements and
> now the bigger issue is it is not possible
> to *manually update* the "python-masakariclient" requirement in
> masakari-monitors project as the "*gate-masakari-monitors-requirements*"
> requirements job keeps failing on the patch [1].
> To resolve this problem permanently, we need to add
> "python-masakariclient" library requirement in global-requirements.
> I have submitted a patch [2] for adding the python-masakariclient in
> global-requirements.
> Please consider my request and grant FFE to solve this problem.
> [1]
> [2]

It feels like this could wait until we create a stable/pike branch for
the requirements (which will happen as soon as we have RC1 for all
cycle-with-milestones projects, in theory at the end of this week, in
practice probably early next week).

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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