On 08/10/2017 01:57 PM, Matt Riedemann wrote:
Apparently we don't have community contributor awards at the PTG, only the summit, and seeing as that's several months away now, which is kind of an eternity, I wanted to take the time now to thank gibi (Balazs Gibizer to his parents) for all the work he's been doing in Nova.

Not only does gibi lead the versioned notification transformation work, which includes running a weekly meeting (that only one other person shows up to) and sending a weekly status email, and does it in a ridiculously patient and kind way, but he's also been identifying several critical issues late in the release related to the Placement and claims in the scheduler work that's going on.

And it's not just doing manual testing, reporting a bug and throwing it over the wall - which is a major feat in OpenStack on it's own - but also taking the time to write automated functional regression tests to exhibit the bugs so when we have a fix we can tell it's actually working, plus he's been fixing some on his own also.

So with all that, I just wanted to formally and publicly say thanks to gibi for the great work he's doing which often goes overlooked when we're crunching toward a deadline.

Couldn't agree more. Thank you Gibi for your hard work and valuable contributions over the last cycle and more. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

All the best,

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