Welcome to our regular release countdown email!

Development Focus

As stable/pike branches are now (mostly) cut, focus should be on
checking current Pike release candidates for release-critical issues,
fix those in master, backport the fix to stable/pike and issue new
release candidates before the publication deadline on R-1 (August 24).

If your team attends the PTG in Denver, you should also prepare the
topics for discussion at the event.

General Information

Probably due to a busy gate, a number of cycle-with-milestones
deliverables are still missing their RC1 and stable/pike branch,
preventing the thawing of the requirements repository:

designate (+ designate-dashboard), freezer-web-ui, heat, manila
searchlight (+ searchlight-ui), trove (+ trove-dashboard)

In addition to that list, mistral and nova have proposed RC1 tags that
just need to be un-WIPped and processed.

Please see last week release countdown email[1] and from the
requirements team[2] for instructions, if you missed them.


Note that stable/pike are under hard StringFreeze, in order to let the
I18N team do the translation work in good conditions. No change in
translatable strings is allowed at this point.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Deadline for last release candidates / intermediary releases: August 24
Final Pike release: August 30
Queens PTG in Denver: Sept 11-15

As usual come find us on #openstack-release IRC channel if you have any
questions or concerns.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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