Hi everyone,

We've now tagged Horizon's first Release Candidate for Pike (12.0.0). Please 
test it out, and get back to us ASAP with any critical bugs. This also means 
we've now created a stable/pike branch and master is open for features again; 
however, the immediate focus for the next few weeks will be to ensure a stable 

If you find any critical bugs, please tag them with 'pike-rc-potential' and 
target them to pike-rc2 on launchpad, then ping me (robcresswell), ying_zuo, 
amotoki or rdopiera on IRC so we can evaluate and address the bug if necessary. 
Bug fixes must now follow the standard stable policy, and be merged to master, 
then backported to stable/pike. They also must *not* contain any string changes 
whatsoever, as we are in Hard String Freeze, to let the translators do their 

On Monday I'll remove the -2's blocking blueprint work.

Thanks for the hard work everyone,

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