The first glance pike Release Candidate was released yesterday.

As discussed at yesterday's Glance meeting, we're going to definitely need
an RC-2.  Watch the etherpad for release-critical bugs/patches:
More stuff will be added as the week progresses.  We want to have
everything merged so that we can release RC-2 on Wednesday 16 August.

The focus this week is on finding and fixing release-critical bugs.  Since
stable/pike has been cut, fixes will be made in master and cherry-picked
into stable/pike.  To keep the cherry-picks clean and easy, hold off on
merging any extraneous stuff into master this week.

There are two items to focus on in testing RC-1:
1  image import
2  trusts: see,I233883dc6a37f282eb8e024c059c6a12ebb7e9f1,n,z
for what I'm talking about

Both of these are optional features, but it's important that they be
working correctly.

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