Dear OpenStack folks,

As Ildikó kindly forwarded the message, please come and join the ETSI NFV 
tutorial & workshop on September 11th. If you plan to attend the OpenStack PTG 
in Denver, the venue is about 30 minutes driving from the PTG venue. 

Given that ETSI NFV-ISG is finally releasing fundamental set of API 
specifications, conventions, and VNF package specification, this will be the 
very first time to explain details.

If you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Best Regards,
Tetsuya Nakamura, CableLabs,
Vice Chair, ETSI NFV-ISG,

On 8/2/17, 6:30 AM, "Ildiko Vancsa" <> wrote:

>Hi All,
>I was kindly asked by Tetsuya (in cc) to help him distribute the information 
>about an ETSI NFV tutorial & workshop that might be relevant to your work and 
>therefore you might be interested in joining.
>You can find more information on the wiki page linked below.
>Please reach out to Tetsuya or respond to this mail thread in case you have 
>any questions.
>Thanks and Best Regards,
>> Begin forwarded message:
>> Dear OpenStack folks,
>> Let me introduce the ETSI NFV Tutorial & Specfest(Hackfest) event on 
>> September 11th in Denver downtown. 
>> During the ETSI NFV-ISG meeting in Denver, we would plan a special tutorial 
>> & specfest event on Monday, September 11th, which introduces and hacks on 
>> the latest ETSI NFV API specifications, VNF Package, Descriptors, OpenAPI, 
>> etc. Anyone can join the event without registration to the ETSI NFV meeting. 
>> It is free of charge. The details are in the ETSI NFV public wiki page:
>> Please come and join. 
>> Best Regards,
>> Tetsuya Nakamura, CableLabs,
>> Vice Chair, ETSI NFV-ISG,
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