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Some are still in peak release cycle time and others have left for
their summer holidays, so once again: a bit of a slow week. No major
spectacles or controversies, so the best I can do is give some
summaries of the conversations in the `#openstack-tc` IRC channel.

# Continuous Deployment Continued

The Wednesday morning (at least in UTC) [office
continued the discussion about whether or not Continuous Deployment is
an integral part of the OpenStack development experience. There was
some disagreement on who had made what kind of commitment and since
when, but there's agreement in principle that:

We need a "Declare plainly the current state of CD in OpenStack"

# Maintenance Status

The Thursday afternoon office hour started [a few hours
with discussion about those projects that do not have PTLs. This
evolved to some discussion about the implications of single PTLs
volunteering leading to projects not needing elections. I suggested
that perhaps the job was too hard, or too difficult to manage without
sustained commitment from an employer and that such commitment was
harder to come by these days. Anyone care to dissuade me of this

# Board Meeting Agendas

As we rolled around to [actual office hour
the discussion returned to building agendas for the upcoming meetings
with the board. This was mentioned [last
week](https://anticdent.org/tc-report-32.html). My idea for a generic
retrospective was considered too open-ended and too much of an
invitation for unproductive complaining, so we discussed some ideas on
how to narrow things down.

less "it's hard" and more "it's hard because X" 

This migrated to the common topic of "how do we get corporate
engagement to be strong enough and focused on the right things" which
naturally led to (because it was rc1 week) "ow, we could do with some
more CI nodes".

And finally, on today's [office
we came back to the agenda question and after discussion came to two
relatively concrete topics:

* What else should go on the top-5 list? Is what's there already
* What is the status of the strategic goals? Are there areas that we
  are missing or need revision?

These were added to the [meeting 

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