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> Can you give some reference to Gnocchi's performance measurements?
> I have seen you presentation from the last Summit [1] but I cannot find
> information about Gnocchi's write throughput. In the issues slide you note the
> slow post API. The API responsiveness test shows that the API can handle
> correctly up to 2500 instances. You collect around 60 metrics per instance and
> use polling interval of 10 minutes. That would translate to:
> 2500 instances * 60 metrics/instance / 600 s = 250 metrics/s
> Are these assumptions correct?

It really depends on the number of measures you include in each of your
API requests. Ceilometer does very little batching.

If you batch those measurements, you could achieve up to 120k measures/s
in Gnocchi already 2 years ago¹. Considering the various improvement we
did over that timeframe, you can likely go higher.

And since it scales horizontally, you can double the request handling by
adding another node. :)

I'll probably try to do some benchmark one of these days, but I don't
have proper hardware to do so for now. :)

¹  https://julien.danjou.info/blog/2015/gnocchi-benchmarks

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