Hello all,
    Resending this mail since I think there might have been some error
sending it the last time.

   I am looking to develop an openstack bundle which uses OVN as the SDN. I
have been reading : https://docs.openstack.org/charm-guide/latest/
I have also read : https://docs.openstack.org/networking-ovn/latest/install/

As far as I understand, this will require me to replace the
"neutron-openvswitch" charm in the openstack base bundle. However, I am not
able to exactly understand what all I will have to rewrite / replace to
make this work.
Specifically, I need to make neutron work only as an API instead of the
full blown SDN. Also, in the above doc, its mentioned that we have to run
some setup on "controller nodes". How does the term "controller node" map
to the charm?

Thank you for helping out, and sorry if these doubts seem trivial

Thanks again,
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