As you mention, searchlight consumes notifications from nova and other 
services. We've been moving towards versioned notifications over the last 
couple of cycles. Our use case is maybe unusual that we'd prefer notifications 
to represent the current state of a resource (with a timestamp) though I can 
think of others where the delta is more important. We've been working with you 
towards having the payloads have more in common with what you'd get from nova 
api responses since part of what we're trying to do is act as a fast cache.

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Nova emits notifications for many different event, like different
instance actions[1]. Also the nova developer community is working on
making nova notifications well defined and easy to consume [2].

The goal of this mail is twofold.

1) We in the nova developer community would like to see which projects
are using (or planning to use) the nova notification interface. Also we
would like to know if you are using the legacy unversioned
notifications or the new versioned ones. We would like to know what are
your use cases towards our notification interface and we also would
like to get any type of feedback about the interface (both the old and
the new one). Based on this information we can make better decision
where to focus our development effort. As a good example we already
have a  cooperation with the searchlight project to enhance nova's
versioned notification interface based on their needs [3].

I opened an etherpad [4] to collect the projects and the feedback and
we can go through that feedback in the PTG to define some actions.

2) Creating a well defined and easy to use notification interface gives
us plenty of work in nova. So we are also looking for developers who
can help us in this work. Big chunk of [2] is considered as low hanging
fruit and I'm happy to mentor anybody who is interested learning this
part of nova. If you want to join to this work just ping me (gibi) or



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