On Wed, 13 Sep 2017, Jay Pipes wrote:

We still need a way to represent a request to placement to find allocation candidates for like resources, though. As you pointed out, I've thought about using multiple requests to placement from the conductor or scheduler. We could also do something like this:

GET /allocation_candidates?resources=VCPU:1,MEMORY_MB:1024&resources1=SRIOV_NET_VF:1&required1=CUSTOM_PHYSNET_A,CUSTOM_SWITCH_1&resources2=SRIOV_NET_VF:1&required2=CUSTOM_PHYSNET_A,CUSTOM_SWITCH_2

To clarify, this translates to:

* give me one compute node with 1 VCPU and 1024 MEMORY_MB that has
* 2 vf
  * both on physnet A
  * one on switch 1
  * one on switch 2

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