On 10/02/2017 02:04 PM, Luigi Toscano wrote:
> Why not? Even if it does not fix the issue for proper installations,
> - it does not provent people from copying the files somewhere else (it 
> happened in sahara for how long I can remember, we have been using data_files)
> - it fixes the deployment when the package is installed in a virtualenv;
> - it introduces consistency: the day data_files starts to do the right thing, 
> everything will work; if it's not possible to fix it with data_files, it's 
> easy to spot which files should be fixed because all handled by data_files.
> So definitely go for it.
> Ciao

Why not? Simply because installing config files in /usr/etc is silly.
The question would rather be: why not accepting the PBR patch...

I'm deeply thinking about carying the --sysconfigdir path in Debian,
though I would very much prefer if I could avoid it. This would bring
inconsistency which is always better to avoid.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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