As discussed at yesterday's Glance meeting, here's what's going on
this coming week:

- Due to Summit travel, vacation, and/or life stuff, core reviewers
will not be available except for emergencies.  This may affect the
timeliness of your patches being reviewed and/or merged.  Thank you
for your patience.

- I've put up a revised version of the spec to fix OSSN-0075 [0],
please look it over and leave comments.  It is slightly controversial
(Erno doesn't like it), but I think it's the correct way to fix this
issue.  We've already done an operators' survey, but I'll discuss it
at the Glance Operators Feedback session at the Summit/Forum to
hopefully widen the range of operators addressed.

- If you are aiming to do reviews, remember that bugs marked for the
Q-2 milestone and patches associated with features listed in the
Queens priorities [1] have priority.

- If you are looking for some coding to do, you can't go wrong by
picking up any unassigned bugs marked for the Q-2 milestone [2].

- There is an unassigned spec on the priorities list for the
glanceclient [3], you may care to look it over and perhaps pick it up
if it interests you.

- There will be no Glance meeting on Thursday, November 9.  We will
resume our usual weekly meeting cadence on Thursday, November 16.



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