Excerpts from ARORA, ROHAN's message of 2017-12-04 21:47:45 +0000:
> Wanted to start a thread to discuss the potential removal of the Keystoneauth 
> dependency from Castellan. Whether it is needed or not, approaches we might 
> want to take, etc.
> From my understanding, Tin, Gage, and Ade discussed this at the Sydney 
> summit, so we were hoping for some details/clarifications before getting to 
> work on it.
> Best,
> Rohan

My understanding is that keystone is used when the barbican driver
is invoked. So I don't understand how we can remove the dependency
completely. We could possibly make it an "extras" so that it is
only installed if the barbican driver is going to be used. Is that
what you mean?


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