On 12/12/17 08:40, Sean Dague wrote:
On 12/12/2017 08:08 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
Zane Bitter wrote:
Here's how the allegedly most complex function in Heat[5] shakes out,
for example:

   mccabe  py27  py36
   0.2.1    14     6
   0.3.1    23    23
   0.6.1    23    23

I don't have a solution to suggest, but I burned most of my day digging
into this so I just wanted to let y'all know how screwed we are.
Thanks for digging into this, Zane. I'd say we have two options, based
on how useful running those tests is:

1/ If they are useful, we should bump the version, at the same time
adjusting max-complexity per repo to match the most complex function
(with some slack factor). Encourage more projects to use cyclomatic
complexity checks and fix the biggest offenders using cycle goals.

2/ If they are not useful, just drop cyclomatic complexity tests overall
rather than relying on wrong results and wasting CPU cycles

So I'd like to hear from the 60+ repos on whether using those tests lead
to any good results :)

I don't know how useful these end up being (#1), though I've seen
patches from time to time with people trying to reduce them.

One problem with the theory is that the max complexity is pretty much always going to be dominated by a couple of tent-pole values, with everything else free to accumulate complexity under the radar. (I apologise for the preceding mixed metaphor.) If you could specify per-file exceptions then you could at least use it in the way that's intended (whether that's useful or not is still up for debate - personally I'm in Thomas's "not" camp), but afaik you can't.

The current max in Nova is 35. Moving to mccabe 0.6.1 generates 2 errors:

Running flake8 on all files
./nova/compute/manager.py:763:5: C901 'ComputeManager._init_instance' is
too complex (37)
./nova/tests/functional/api_samples_test_base.py:144:5: C901
'ApiSampleTestBase._compare_result' is too complex (36)

There are some good fixes in 0.6.1 that are pushing the scores up, like now counting complexity that occurs inside of the 'else' part of try/except/else, but I suspect that the vast majority of the increase is due to one giant, honking regression:


so TBH I wouldn't recommend updating to any current release. Only if somebody is motivated to actually fix that bug might it be worth considering.


I honestly think this is one of the things that you declare a flag day a
couple weeks out, warn everyone they are going to have to adjust their
max, and move forward. It's a very easy fix when pep8 starts failing people.


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