I'm working on security aspects in cloud computing. I focused on
virtualization specific vulnerabilities in cloud computing environment. I
selected OpenStack as my cloud computing software platform. In general,
there are two primary threats vectors in OpenStack.

1.  Hypervisor threats
2.  Virtual Machine (multi-tenant) threats

In OpenStack, "nova" is responsible for the management of virtual machines.

How to recognize and prevent a hypervisor and virtual machine attacks to
protect data in OpenStack?

How to secure hypervisor and virtual machine against security threats in
OpenStack? What are the methods, techniques or algorithms, OpenStack
community/developers followed to make openstack as secure cloud environment?

How one can contribute in securing OpenStack hypervisor and virtual

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance for your support.

With Warm Regards,
*Darshan Tank *

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