Hey everyone!

So the summit was a month back, but on the TripleO side we've kindof
slumped: there is great design work on the console side happening
(yay), but the CD side - where Nova rebuild support is the current
blocker - is basically stalled.

Folk are doing good work on related bits of plumbing, bringing up more
services and improving the quality of what we have but we not really
*moving forward*.

So - I want to suggest that we strap back on the 'collaborate rather
than partition' mindset, and all get stuck in to the rebuild
preserving ephemeral partition blueprint - it is literally the single
most important thing for TripleO right now, and with a need for
patches in four projects (Nova, python-novaclient, the API docs and
finally in heat to expose the use of it)  there is still plenty of
room for folk to make sure they don't tread on each others toes.


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