Note: I am proposing in the next Ironic meeting ( )
that we move forward on removing the tempest plugin code from
openstack/ironic and openstack/ironic-inspector. It will have been over
three weeks since the initial email in this thread (15-Dec-2017) about
removing the code.


On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 7:27 AM, John Villalovos <
> wrote:

> I wanted to send out a note to any 3rd Party CI or other users of the
> tempest plugin code inside either openstack/ironic or
> openstack/ironic-inspector. That code has been migrated to the
> openstack/ironic-inspector-plugin repository. We have been busily (
> ) migrating
> all of the projects to use this new repository.
> If you have a 3rd Party CI or something else that is depending on the
> tempest plugin code please migrate it to use openstack/ironic-tempest-
> plugin.
> We plan to remove the tempest plugin code on Tuesday 19-Dec-2017 from
> openstack/ironic and openstack/ironic-tempest-plugin. And then after that
> doing backports of those changes to the stable branches.
> openstack/ironic Removal patch
> openstack/ironic-inspector Removal patch
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