2013/12/11 Salvatore Orlando <sorla...@nicira.com>:
> Hi Yoshihiro,
> In my opinion the use of filters on changes is allowed by the smoketesting
> policy we defined.
> Notwithstanding that the approach of testing every patch is definitely the
> safest, I understand in some cases the volume of patchsets uploaded to
> gerrit might overwhelm the plugin-specific testing system, especially in
> cases where not much resources are dedicated to it.
> I would suggest to test every patch which has changes in the following
> packages:
> neutron.db
> neutron.api
> neutron.extensions
> neutron.plugin.<your-plugin>
> neutron.openstack
> neutron.agent (if your plugin uses any of the agents)

Should requirements.txt be appended to the list?

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