On 1/26/2018 10:26 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
== Rocky goals ==

We are in the final steps of selecting a set of community goals for
Rocky. We need wide community input on which goals are doable and make
the most sense! Please see the list of proposed goals and associated

* Storyboard Migration [3] (diablo_rojo)
* Remove mox [4] (chandankumar)
* Ensure pagination links [5] (mordred)
* Add Cold upgrades capabilities [6] (masayuki)
* Enable mutable configuration [7] (gcb)


NB: mriedem suggested on the ML that we wait until the PTG in Dublin to
make the final call. It gives more time to carefully consider the goals,
but delays the start of the work and makes planning pre-PTG a bit more

I just threw "Use keystoneauth1 Adapter for consistent inter-service configuration" into the etherpad:


Eric didn't think he'd have the bandwidth to champion this goal right now, but if someone wanted to pick it up I think it would be pretty straight-forward.




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