Hi everybody!

I'd like to run for PTL of OpenStackSDK again

This last cycle was pretty exciting. We merged the shade and openstacksdk projects into a single team. We shifted os-client-config to that team as well. We merged the code from shade and os-client-config into openstacksdk, and then renamed the team.

It wasn't just about merging projects though. We got some rework done to base the Proxy classes on keystoneauth Adapters providing direct passthrough REST availability for services. We finished the Resource2/Proxy2 transition. We updated pagination to work for all of the OpenStack services - and in the process uncovered a potential cross-project goal. And we tied services in openstacksdk to services listed in the Service Types Authority.

Moving forward, there's tons to do.

First and foremost we need to finish integrating the shade code into the sdk codebase. The sdk layer and the shade layer are currently friendly but separate, and that doesn't make sense long term. To do this, we need to figure out a plan for rationalizing the return types - shade returns munch.Munch objects which are dicts that support object attribute access. The sdk returns Resource objects.

There are also multiple places where the logic in the shade layer can and should move into the sdk's Proxy layer. Good examples of this are swift object uploads and downloads and glance image uploads.

I'd like to move masakari and tricircle's out-of-tree SDK classes in tree.

shade's caching and rate-limiting layer needs to be shifted to be able to apply to both levels, and the special caching for servers, ports and floating-ips needs to be replaced with the general system. For us to do that though, the general system needs to be improved to handle nodepool's batched rate-limited use case as well.

We need to remove the guts of both shade and os-client-config in their repos and turn them into backwards compatibility shims.

We need to work with the python-openstackclient team to finish getting the current sdk usage updated to the non-Profile-based flow, and to make sure we're providing what they need to start replacing uses of python-*client with uses of sdk.

I know the folks with the shade team background are going to LOVE this one, but we need to migrate existing sdk tests that mock sdk objects to requests-mock. (We also missed a few shade tests that still mock out methods on OpenStackCloud that need to get transitioned)

Finally - we need to get a 1.0 out this cycle. We're very close - the main sticking point now is the shade/os-client-config layer, and specifically cleaning up a few pieces of shade's API that weren't great but which we couldn't change due to API contracts.

I'm sure there will be more things to do too. There always are.

In any case, I'd love to keep helping to pushing these rocks uphill.


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