Feuture Freeze Exception request for Routed Spine and Leaf Deployment


All external dependencies for Routed Spine and Leaf Deployement have
finally landed. (Except puppet module changes.)


This delivers a feature that has been requested since the Kilo release.
It makes TripleO more viable in large deployments as well as in edge
use cases where openstack services are not deployed in one datacenter.

The core piece in this is the neutron segments service_plugin. This has
been around since newton. Most of the instack-undercloud patches were
first proposed during ocata.

The major change is in the undercloud. In tripleo-heat-templates we
need just a small change to ensure we get ip addresses allocated from
neutron when segments service plug-in is enabled in neutron. The
overcloud configuration stays the same, we already do have users
deploying routed networks in the isolated networks using composable
networks so we know it works.


I see little risk introducing a regression to current functionality
with these changes. The major part of the undercloud patches has been
around for a long time and passing CI. 

The format of undercloud.conf is changed, options are deprecated and
new options are added to enable multiple control plane subnets/l2-
segments to be defined. All options are properly deprectated, so
using a configuration file from pike will still work.

The list of patches that need to land


* Tripleo routed networks ironic inspector, and Undercloud
* Move ctlplane network/subnet setup to python
* Update config to use per network groups
* Update validations to validate all subnets
* Add support for multiple inspection subnets
* Create static routes for remote subnets
* Add per subnet network cidr nat rules
* Add per subnet masquerading
* Install and enable neutron baremetal mech plugin


* Add subnet property to ctlplane network for server resources 


* Documentation - TripleO routed-spine-and-leaf 


* Add networking-baremetal ml2 plug-in 
* Add networking-baremetal - ironic-neutron-agent

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