I am seeking to continue as PTL for Chef OpenStack, also known as

The tl;dr of my candidacy, which can be read at
https://review.openstack.org/539211 would be:
- The cookbooks are getting better code-wise, but we're not in a good
place people-wise to facilitate handing over the reins just yet.
- CI and pipelines are a focus of this cycle, to aid in delivering
code changes and project visibility.
- For a codebase as complex as openstack-chef, to keep it out of
irrelevance, the barrier to delivering change must be lowered

In the last cycle, in addition to delivering Chef 13 support to the
cookbooks (2+ years worth of deprecations!), I successfully negotiated
a delicate, downright awkward, trademark issue on behalf of OpenStack.
The outcome of this was to further increase the visibility of
OpenStack's output in the open source community. The openstack-chef
community also introduced Test Kitchen and InSpec support to the
cookbooks, which enables us to further close the gap between CI and
local testing.

As always, openstack-chef need more reviewers and developers, but
testers especially. Without a consistent feedback loop, the codebase
starts to exist in a quasi-vacuum. As our pace typically keeps us a
release behind, the loop doesn't really close until the "self-LTS"
deployers of OpenStack look to the next release. Without someone to
keep things moving forward, progress stagnates, and, eventually, even
the stalwarts look elsewhere for an upstream.

Thank you for reading.

Samuel Cassiba

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