On 02/04/2018 01:35 PM, Matthew Thode wrote:
On 18-02-04 09:32:25, Monty Taylor wrote:

I'd like to request another FFE to fix several neutron commands in
python-openstackclient for queens and also to unbreak
python-openstackclient's gate.

The release proposal patch is here:


The issue at hand was:

The osc-functional-devstack-tips job, which tests master changes of
openstackclient and openstacksdk against each other with
openstackclient's functional tests was broken and was not testing
master against master but rather master of openstackclient against
released version of SDK. Therefore, the gate that was protecting us
against breakages like these was incorrect and let us land a patch that made
invalid query parameters raise errors instead of silently not filtering -
without also adding missing but needed query parameters as valid.

The gate job has been fixed and SDK as of the proposed commit fixes the
osc-functional-devstack-tips job. That can be seen in
https://review.openstack.org/540554/ The osc-functional-devstack job, which
checks OSC master against released SDK is broken with sdk 0.11.2 because of
the bug fixed in the SDK patch.

We would want to bump the upper-constraints from 0.11.2 to 0.11.3 in both
stable/queens and master upper-constraints files.

As a UC bump you have my +2

It seems like these things require a gr bump even more now, which would
cause client re-releases iirc.  My question has more to do with having
this not happen again.  Do you cross gate with other projects (clients)?
That would allow you to check what's going into your master with what's
in the client master to ensure no breakage.

Yah - we do ... the problem was that we had a bug in this one which caused it to be testing against released versions not master versions. That has been rectified, so we SHOULD be good moving forward.

Also - as we find or grow more things that consume SDK, we'll add appropriate cross-gate jobs for them as well.


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