I'm Renat Akhmerov. I'm running for PTL of Mistral in Rocky.

Mistral is a workflow service developed within the OpenStack community from
the ground up.

In queens we mainly focused on bugfixing, improving performance and
documentation. Performance was again significantly improved (~100%)
by optimizing DB operations and data schema (mostly additional indexex)
and using caching technics. We also made Mistral more robust in various
failure situations. To achieve that we came up with a number of protection

The two other noticeable features we added are:

* We can now start a Mistral workflow based on an existing workflow
  execution, no matter if it's still running or finished. Given an ID of
  an execution Mistral copies all needed parameters (input, env etc.) and
  creates a new execution.
* When creating a workflow execution, we can now pass an ID of the new
  execution. If an execution with this ID already exists the REST endpoint
  just returns details of this execution as if it was GET operation. If
  not, it create a execution with this ID. Thus creation of workflow
  execution can be idempotent.

For the next cycle I'd like to propose the following roadmap:

* Keep improving multi-node mode and HA
* Rearchitect Mistral Scheduler, make it more suitable for HA
* Optimize ‘join’ tasks
* Close all the gaps in the documentation and restructure it so it is more
  convenient to read and navigate
* Usability
  * New CLI/API (more consistent and human friendly interface)
  * Debugging workflows
  * Workflow failure analysis (error messages, navigate through nested
    workflows etc.)
* Refactor Actions subsystem
  * Actions testability
  * Move OpenStack actions into mistral-extra and with better test coverage
    and usability

Some of those items have now been in progress for a few months. We keep
working on them and I hope most of them will be completed in the next

Should you have any ideas on these points we're always happy to discuss and
correct our plans.

We're always happy to get new contributors on the project and always ready
to help people interested in Mistral development get up to speed. The best
way to get in touch with us is IRC channel #openstack-mistral.

The corresponding patch to openstack/election:


Renat Akhmerov
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