Not so long ago we decided to stop holding weekly meetings in one of the 
general IRC channel (it was #openstack-meeting-3 for the last several months). 
The main reason was that we usually didn’t have a good representation of the 
team there because the team is distributed across the world. We tried to find a 
time slot several times that would work well for all the team members but 
failed to. Another reason is that we didn’t always have a clear reason to 
gather because everyone was just focused on their tasks and a discussion wasn’t 
much needed so a meeting was even a distraction.

However, despite all this we still would like channels to communicate, the team 
members and people who have user questions and/or would like to start 

Similarly to other teams in OpenStack we’d like to try the “Office hours” 
concept. If we follow it we’re supposed to have team members, for whom the time 
slot is OK, available in our channel #openstack-mistral during certain hours. 
These hours can be used for discussing our development stuff between team 
members from different time zones and people outside the team would know when 
they can come and talk to us.

Just to start the discussion on what the office hours time slots could be I’m 
proposing the following time slots:

1. Mon 16.00 UTC (it used to be our time of weekly meetings)
2. Wed 3.00 UTC
3. Fri 8.00 UTC

Each slot is one hour.

Assumingly, #1 would be suitable for people in Europe and America. #2 for 
people in Asia and America. And #3 for people living in Europe and Asia. At 
least that was my thinking when I was wondering what the time slots should be.

Please share your thoughts on this. The idea itself and whether the time slots 
look ok.


Renat Akhmerov
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