This is my candidacy to continue my work as the Watcher PTL for the
Rocky cycle.

I've been working on Watcher since fall of 2015 and am honored
to lead this project during last two cycles. Watcher will get
baremetal and storage supports with Queens release, along with
new strategies and new features. New strategy restrictions and
modifications would allow Watcher to execute strategies in coherence
with other openstack services. Watcher's actions should be predictable
and reliable in any time.

There are some works we need to take into account:

* Improve security by providing unified API validation way.
* Extend set of notifications that Watcher consumes.
* Provide selectors that would help users to choose the best
  way to achieve objections.

Along with strategies maintenance, we expand set of supporting resources
and projects.

I'm happy to welcome new contributors on the project and ready to answer
any question on our channel #openstack-watcher.

Alexander Chadin (alexchadin)

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