Hi Ifat,

Yes I’ve checked the 1.3.1 refers to a deb package (python-vitrage) version 
built by us, so the git tag used to build that deb is 1.3.0.
But I also backported doctor datasource from vitreage git master branch.

I also noticed that when I configure snapshots_interval=10 I also get this 
exception in
/var/log/vitrage/graph.log around the time the alarms disapear.

I've cherry picked your before mentioned change and the alarm that came from 
event is now persistent and the exception is gone.
So it was a bug.
I understand that for doctor datasources I need to have events for raising the 
alarm and also for clearing it is that correct?

Best Regards,

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Hi Paul,

It sounds like a bug. Alarms created by a datasource are not supposed to be 
deleted later on. It might be a bug that was fixed in Queens [1].

I’m not sure which Vitrage version you are actually using. I failed to find a 
vitrage version 1.3.1. Could it be that you are referring to a version of 
python-vitrageclient or vitrage-dashboard?

In any case, if you are using an older version, I suggest that you try to use 
the fix that I mentioned [1] and see if it helps.


Best Regards,

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Date: Wednesday, 7 February 2018 at 11:58
Subject: [openstack-dev] [vitrage] Vitrage alarm processing behavior

Hi Vitrage developers,

I have a question about vitrage innerworkings, I ported doctor datasource from 
master branch to an earlier version of vitrage (1.3.1).
I noticed some behavior I am wondering if it's ok or it is bug of some sort.
Here it is:
1. I am sending some event for rasing an alarm to doctor datasource of vitrage.
2. I am receiving the event hence the alarm is displayed on vitrage dashboard 
attached to the affected resource (as expected)
3. If I have configured snapshot_interval=10 in /etc/vitrage/vitrage.conf The 
alarm disapears after a while
fragment from /etc/vitrage/vitrage.conf
types = 
On the other hand if I comment it out the alarm persists
types = 

I am interested if this behavior is correct or is this a bug.
My intention is to create some sort of hybrid datasource starting from the 
doctor one, that receives events for raising alarms like compute.host.down
but uses polling to clear them.

Best Regards,
Paul Vaduva
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