Mike Perez wrote:
> [...]
> Appropriate 5 minute talk examples:
> * Neat features in libraries like oslo that we should consider adopting in our
>   community wide goals.
> * Features and tricks in your favorite editor that makes doing work easier.
> * Infra tools that maybe not a lot of people know about yet. Zuul v3 explained
>   in five minutes anyone?

Note that we'll have an infra talk about Zuulv3 (and other things you
should know about OpenStack project infrastructure in 2018) on the
Tuesday, so that is likely to be covered already :)

> * Some potential API specification from the API SIG that we should adopt as
>   a community wide goal.

I'd say it's also fine to talk about something of interest to the PTG
crowd that you're passionate about and is not directly tied to OpenStack!


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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