Congratulations to Erno for his election as the Rocky PTL!  Erno is
taking over PTG planning, so don't forget to add ideas to the planning

The first Release Candidate for the Queens edition of Glance was
released today and the stable/queens branch was cut.

Our focus is still on Queens this week.  It would be a good idea to
give RC-1 a workout, paying particular attention to interoperable
image import and the glance-manage and glance-scrubber tools, which
underwent some refactoring and enhancements this cycle.

We'll continue to track the development toward RC-2 on this etherpad:

Add any bugs you find that are release critical to that etherpad so
that the core team can verify that they need to be backported to

There will definitely be an RC-2, which will contain whatever we come
up with to address

But don't let that stop you from testing out RC-1!


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