Resource provider 18-06 is here.

# Most Important

RC1 was cut last night, so we shouldn't be merging any new features now,
just bug fixes. Which, of course, means finding and fixing bugs is the
thing to do.

In the gaps where that's not happening, planning for Rocky is a useful
thing to be doing.

The PTG is coming up at the end of this month. If you have topics for
discussion that are not already on the etherpad, add them:

A variety of specs, and discussions related to such things, are in
progress and listed below. If I've forgotten something, let me know, as

I wrote a thing describing some of my efforts to break placement:

Placement itself was fine, but I was able to break other stuff. If you
have an environment where you are able to do that kind of concrete
experimentation, it will help to make the release better.

# What's Changed

RC1 happened. Some more "sending global request id" changes merged. A
release note was created to describe the behavior change in
AggregateCoreFilter (and friends):

# Help Wanted

Testing, Testing, Testing.

There are a fair few unstarted bugs related to placement that could do
with some attention. Here's a handy URL:

# Specs

* Support traits in Glance

* Add generation support in aggregate assocation

* Update ProviderTree

* Support aggregate affinity filter/weighers
  (Note that this is not placement aggregates and is not a
  placement-oriented solution but is something many of the same people
  are into.)

* Granular Resource Request Syntax (Rocky)

* Report CPU features to placement

# Main Themes

We've not yet identified the new themes, other than to know that
Nested remains a big deal. Presumably at the PTG we will define and
then narrow the themes.

## Nested Resource Providers

Work continues at

By which I mean that there's lots of active work and discussion on the
patches on this topic. It's the locus of activity.

# Other

Many of these things are bug fixes or doc tuneups, and thus
potentially relevant for Queens.

* Update references to OSC in old rp specs

* [Placement] Invalid query parameter could lead to HTTP 500

* [placement] use simple FaultWrapper

* Ensure resource classes correctly

* Avoid inventory DELETE API (no conflict detection)

* Fix nits in allocation canidate limit handling

* WIP: Move resource provider objects

* Do not normalize allocation ratios

* Sending global request ids from nova to placement

* Update resources once in update available resources
     (This ought, when it works, to help address some redunancy
     concerns with nova making too many requests to placement)

* Support aggregate affinity filters/weighers
     A rocky targeted improvement to affinity handling

* Move placement body samples in docs to own dir

* Improved functional test coverage for placement

* Functional tests for traits api

* annotate loadapp() (for placement wsgi app) as public

* Remove microversion fallback code from report client

* WIP: SchedulerReportClient.set_aggregates_for_provider
     This is for rocky as it depends on changing the api for
     aggregates handling on the placement side to accept and provide
     a generation

* Add functional test for two-cell scheduler behaviors
     (This is old and maybe out of date, but something we might like to

* Make API history doc consistent

* WIP: General policy sample file for placement

* Support relay RP for allocation candidates
    Bug fix for sharing with multiple providers

* Convert driver supported capabilities to compute node provider

* Check for leaked allocations in post_test_hook

# End

Hi. Thanks for making it this far. Go find bugs.

Chris Dent                      (⊙_⊙')
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