I've submitted a series of patches:

In these patches, I am merely doing the following:

#1 s/trunk.registry.rdoproject.org/docker.io/
trunk.registry.rdoproject.org is not meant for production or stable
use, it should only be used as a staging ground so we don't spam
docker.io with hundreds of images needlessly.
We're pushing and tagging tested and promoted images to docker.io --
trunk.registry.rdoproject.org should not be advertised.

#2 s/latest/current-tripleo/
We don't use the "latest" tag, we push tags based on their trunk
repository hash (DLRN) or names such as "current-tripleo",
"current-tripleo-rdo", etc.

#3 s/tripleoupstream/tripleomaster/
The docker.io/tripleoupstream namespace is unmaintained. Images are
now pushed and tagged in the tripleomaster namespace.
Patches for these should be backported to Pike while replacing
"tripleomaster" for "tripleopike" once they have landed.

Please validate the patches properly as I can't pretend to have tested
these before sending them.


David Moreau Simard
Senior Software Engineer | OpenStack RDO

dmsimard = [irc, github, twitter]

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