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* stephenfin on #openstack-nova [0]: After 3 years and 7 (?) releases,
  encryption between nova's consoleproxy service and compute nodes is finally
* possible ✌️
* AJaeger on #openstack-infra [1]: zuul and nodepool feature/zuulv3 branches
  have merged into master
* ildikov on #openstack-nova [2]: OpenStack now supports to attach a Cinder
  volume to multiple VM instances managed by Nova.
* mriedem on #openstack-nova [3]: osc-placement 1.0.0 released; you can now do
  things with resource providers/classes via OSC CLI now.
* AJaeger on #openstack-infra [4]: All tox jobs have been converted to Zuul v3
  native syntax, is gone.
* ttx on #openstack-dev [5]: All teams have at least one candidate for PTL for
  the Rocky cycle! Might be the first time.
* Tell us yours in OpenStack IRC channels using the command "#success
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Community Summaries
* Release countdown [0]
* Nova placement resource provider update [1]
* TC Report [2]
* POST /api-sig/news [3]
* Technical Committee Status Update [4]

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Dublin PTG Schedule is Up
PTG schedule is available [0]. A lot of rooms are available Monday/Tuesday to
discuss additional topics that take half a day and can be requested [1]. For
small things (90 min discussions) we can book them dyncamically during the
event with the new PTG bot features. Follow the thread for updates to the
schedule [2].

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Full thread:

Last Chance for PTG Dublin Tickets
PTG tickets for Dublin were sold out this week, and the Foundation received
many requests for more tickets. Working with the venue to accommodate the extra
capacity, every additional attendee incrementally increases costs to $600. It's
understood the importance of this event and the need to have key team members
present, so the OpenStack Foundation has negotiated an additional 100 tickets
and will partially subsidize to be at sold at $400 [0].

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New Zuul Depends-On Syntax
Recently introduced url-based syntax for Depends-On: footer in your commit 

Old syntax will continue to work for a while, but please begin using the new
syntax. Zuul has grown the ability to talk to multiple backend systems (Gerrit,
Git and plain Git so far).

From a change in gerrit you could have:
Or from a Github pull request:
Tips and certain cases contained further in the full message.

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Call For Mentors and Funding
The Outreachy program [0] helps people of underrepresented groups get involved
in free and open source software by matching interns with established mentors
in the upstream community.

OpenStack will be participating in Outreachy May 2018 to August 2018.
Application period opens on February 12th.

Interested mentors should publish their project ideas [1]. You can read more
information about being a mentor [2].

Interested sponsors [3] can help provide a stipend to interns for a three month

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Community Goals for Rocky
TC voted by not approved yet:
* Remove mox [0]
* Toggle the debug option at runtime [1]

Comment now on the two selected goals, or the TC will approve them and they'll
be discussed at the PTG.

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End of PTL Nominations
Official candidate list available [0]. There are 0 projects without candidates,
so the TC will not have to appoint an PTL's.

Three projects will have elections: Kolla, QA and Mistral.

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